“In Calmoterma S.L. we dedicate ourselves to everything related to the industrial machinery.

Buy-Sale (Trading)

Our company began with the purchase and sale of machinery and although today it is a minor part of our billing, it is still very important for us this aspect for the possibility of offering ideal solutions at low prices to customers who do not want or cannot afford new machinery.
In addition we give a second life to the machinery, which we consider that in the time that we live is to give a little oxygen to the environment; since with small spare parts and repairs the correct reuse of machinery is achieved with a very long useful life, without the need to use new environmental resources.

All our machinery is properly reviewed and verified.

Check our CATALOGUE , if you can not find the ones you are looking for, just ask us, we will look for it!

Calmoterma S.L. can search for buyers for your machinery from your own factory, or if you prefer, we take care of the dismantling and storage for sale by us.

Instead, when you buy our machinery we can proceed to the assembly or installation in wherever you need to cover the customer needs, leaving the machinery completely reviewed, verified and working.



Our technical team has more than 30 years of experience and is trained for any type of repair, modification or improvement that your machinery needs.

We like to be efficient, professional, and mainly manage the times correctly because we understand that your business cannot incur in too many extensive stops and the production suffers.



A very important part in every industrial company and many of them neglect it.

Calmoterma S.L offers you a service of maintenance of industrial machinery that fits your needs, we can specify with you a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual plan that guarantees the correct operation of your machinery as well as verify its correct use, as it is a ways to prevent future repairs.

Maintenance can prevent failures, provide solutions and save costs in future repairs. From Calmoterma S.L. we defend the correct policy of machinery maintenance where in the long time it demonstrates its results with fewer breakdowns, repairs and finally economic saving by two aspects, the first one is saving costs of reparations and the second saving of time.