Calmoterma is a company located in Loriguilla (Valencia, Spain), with an experienced technical team with more than 40 years in the sector.

Calmoterma is dedicated to the manufacture of thermal oil boilers and also to the purchase-sale, repair and maintenance of industrial machinery; mainly for the wood, paper and cardboard industry.

His extensive experience in the industry, reliability and quality has allowed him to have facilites around the world, in addition can supply machinery and customized solution to any customer who needs industrial heat installations.

In its strong commitment to the care of the environment, Calmoterma is committed to us biomass as a fuel, although its boilers are valid for any type of fossil fuel.


Visit our catalogue of machinery completely reviewed and verified. Ask us for a price and conditions without obligation.


We design, manufacture, install and put into operation thermal oil boilers or the entire thermal fluid system.


Purchase and sale of industrial machinery and we offer ideal solutions at low prices to customers who do not want or cannot afford new machinery.



Offer solutions through thermal oil boilers fed with biomass or any fossil fuel, also reviewed and verified industrial machinery for the wood, paper and cardboard industry; to satisfy our customers in their industrial heat demand for manufacturing processes.
Always starting from the base that our service is governed by the principles of quality and professionalism.


Become the first choice of our clients, to be reference in the national market, continue with the international expansion and achieve a greater position within them by an excellent management of time, quality and service to our customers.


  • Customer orientation: Give the best treatment to our customers, solving their problems with our solutions and exceeding their expectations.
  • Quality: What we do, we do well. Always offering the highest quality in our products, purchased and manufactured, and with the services provided.
  • Care environment: It is our future and for this reason we make clear defense of biomass use as a fuel, putting in value the forest/industrial waste getting closed the carbon cycle.
  • Respect for the people: Everyone involved our operations, from the technicians to the client, deserved to be and will be respected and treated with the greatest professionalism possible.
  • The example: As a family company we are preaching with the example at all levels, forming healthy, respectful and professional core, which conveys the idea to customers and suppliers giving a sense of closeness without leaving aside professionalism.
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